This isn’t as spoilerish or teasing as much as usual, but Bryan Singer’s latest tweet brings out the filmmaker in me. He posted a picture on the social network site (below) and along with it had the following statement “Brightest set I’ve ever filmed on. #3600framespersecond #Quicksilver #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast” which happens to be blowing my mind right now.

Filming at 3600 frames per second is around 150 times more frames per second than average film (24 fps), which means it can be slowed down by a rate of 150 as well, meaning that Quicksilver moves that much faster than normal people (until visual effects and post production is done on the piece). Imagine right now that Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films are done at 48 fps, 2x faster than usual, so this is something that will look awesome on screen.

Along with this increased frame rate, much more light is needed to ensure proper exposure, hence why it is in fact the brightest set he has been on (although maybe an exaggeration). Gosh, this is just blowing my mind right now, and I wish I was there to see how it was filmed. Well, I can’t wait to see Quicksilver’s costume (if any) and finally get a taste of his super speed on screen.

On a side note, it has been confirmed by Singer himself that the Scarlet Witch will not be appearing in the film, just her brother. Unlike the Avengers 2 which will include both siblings, we will only get one half of Magneto’s lineage in this movie.


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