This year’s C2E2 we did a lot of audio and video interviews. During the 3 show days, our first interview was with one of our favorite authors, Jonathan Hickman. Many know him for his Marvel work (which we here at ComicUI rave about): Ultimate Comics Ultimates, Secret Warriors, Fantastic Four, Avengers, New Avengers, and currently Secret Wars. His other work includes critically acclaimed titles such as The Manhattan Projects, East of West, and God is Dead.

If you’re familiar with Hickman’s work, you’ll know that nothing is by accident and dichotomies don’t exist in his work. The best parts are how he can turn villains into sympathetic characters. Such as Reed Richards in the Ultimate Universe when he becomes the Maker, or Dr. Doom anytime he’s written him. He even leaves subtle hints of things to come in his books, so reading them all in order pays off huge. His work is so influential, a lot of it is being adapted into Agents of SHIELD, such as leviathan, Daniel Whitehall, and Daisy Johnson/Quake/Skye.

Needless to say, we’re impressed by his mountain of work and are even more humbled to have been given a chance to interview him. The following video has full audio components but is missing some dropped frames. The best experience is to listen to the interview, but the video will pick back up later on.


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