Now that we’ve told you the best artwork we saw in 2014, now we’re going to the opposite end of the spectrum with the absolute worst artwork of 2014. This comes to us with such tragedy and distraughtness that we can’t even believe we’re saying it.

Poor, poor ultimate universe. You had such hope and potential and greatness, then every few years, a few people come through and destroy it. Ultimate FF had some of the best stories this year, but it was ultimately destroyed by itself and the shoddy artist.

One of the few examples is below.


Chris – Ultimate FF

“Dear lord. Someone scribbled on the pages of what could have been the best Ultimate book post-Cataclysm. Joshua Fialkov is a great writer, but the artwork was atrocious on this entire series. We’re sorry it ended, but can’t say we’re surprised after that. Andre Araujo is who you can blame.”

Brian – I Concur.

“I’m not sure why Marvel assigned this artist to a new series like this, but it’s horrible. I feel like I could make better layouts with my right hand, and I’m left handed.”

ultimate ff 3 marvel
Ultimate FF #03
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