We’ve recently learned that 2015 could possibly herald in our first look at an ANT-MAN trailer from Marvel and Disney, but before that could even roll out, a new promotional piece has been revealed. This new artwork shows Ant-Man in his outfit facing off against Yellowjackets, the film’s antagonist.

The Ant-Man suit has the ability to shrink in size while maintaining the strength of a normal person (or making it more) while also communicating with Ants. However, the Yellowjacket suit is a bit more of a mystery, only that its a militarized version of the Ant-Man technology and very sleek looking. This is the same one we revealed on Facebook back in November. That suit also appears to have extra arms that are doing…octopus like things? I’m not sure, but I bet the movie will make it look alright.

This promotional work for the film also delivers a new logo it seems, as I don’t recall the letters curving like that, but it could be the lighter blue background. Either way, if this is the last bit of news we get out of 2014, it was a good one.

Click on the image for the larger version.



Source: Akroyd & Sons