The first trailer for Marvel’s upcoming ANT-MAN film has been classified by the Alberta Film Classification board. This means, they have SEEN a trailer for the film and have deemed it appropriate.

The information from the website shows that the first ANT-MAN trailer is rated “PG” and will run for a total of 1:48. To be classified so soon means that they’ll start promoting the film earlier than later. Will we see it Thursday before Disney’s Into the Woods? Probably not, thats way too soon.

My guess is that in 2 weeks, during the 2 hour premiere of AGENT CARTER on ABC, we’ll get that trailer. It’ll be a good way to have people tune in for the show, plus entice them to stay for 2 full hours. Originally, I think the AGE OF ULTRON trailer was supposed to help the show, but now this could definitely boost some ratings.

Are you ready for ANT-MAN’s big (little) screen debut? With all the news surrounding the film, I can say that I’m interested in what they have to offer.

Source: Alberta Film Ratings

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