Games WIth Gold has struck again this August with not one game, but 2 and some DLC! Judging by the average price these games are going for, we’re getting around $60 worth of free games, making Games with Gold much better than months prior. The scheduling on these is a bit screwy so please take advantage of these games while they’re being offered.


First up we get Crackdown (normally $14.99), a third person open-world based shooter/platformer that was a huge hit back in 2008, mostly due to the Halo 3 beta being included with every purchase. I enjoyed the game with its online cooperative multiplayer and open world. Imagine a super soldier in a GTA type environment. Get it while the getting is good. Crackdown will be available via Xbox LIVE dashboard or online for Gold members from August 1 through the 15th. I’d give this game a solid 7 out of 10 for the expansiveness and addictiveness of obtaining all the ability orbs.


Picking up from there, the remainder of August will see Dead Rising 2 (normally $29.99) and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (normally 4.99) available for free until the 31st. Both games have hordes of zombies in which you will find hundreds of ways to dispose of via weapon creation and brutality. You can preview Dead Rising 2 here and Case Zero here. We will post again when they become available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Enjoy your games, we’ll front the tab this time.

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