Fan made short-films tend to be pieces of work that stay true to the source material and provide a glimpse, sometimes fueling a larger fire, at how a character can work on the medium. In fact, I’ve personally made a film showcasing The Sentry, my favorite character in the Marvel universe albeit on no budget and the worst equipment possible, but the writing and story I’m more than proud of. The past year, around SDCC time, fans have been treated to a few short fan films. Last year’s #DirtyLaundry short (scroll past for the video) took Thomas Jane and put him back into the Punisher’s outfit. In 10 minutes, this independent filmmaker was able to take Thomas Jane’s Punisher and make it him truer to the source material moreso than the entire Punisher film from 2004. It even featured a cameo from Ron Perlman (Pacific Rim, Hellboy) and created a vivid, violent film that I love watching.

This year, the same director, Adi Shankar, brought forth another short film with a surprising appearance by a classic Marvel villain, Venom. Titled #TruthInJournalism, we follow a journalism crew that consists of Eddie Brock and we all know how that ends with him. Watch the gritty film below and pay attention for another Marvel character that pops up along the way, oh and in true Marvel fashion, there is an after credits sequence.




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