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New Thor: The Dark World Poster

Next up today we get an awesome Thor: The Dark World poster to start of August. From here, we get a look at all the major players in the film; including Thor, Loki, Jane Foster, Sif, Odin, Malekith, the warriors three, and some dark elves. Bask in this poster that is burdened with glorious purpose and take note, my friends. There are hints and information in this poster that we will find out throughout the film, on that is already in plain sight. The most obvious is an unscarred Malekith, which I assume we’ll find out in the film. Another is…more spoilerish. Let us wait and see.

To coincide with this poster and the beginning of major marketing for Thor, speculation is that a trailer will be released next week in theaters. If it is anything like the footage shown at SDCC, then there will be plenty of gasps had by all. Despite many opinions thinking Thor was the weakest Phase 1 film (I think it was one of the most important to lead to Avengers), will you be going to see his second outing in theaters this November?

Click for a larger version.

Thor the Dark World Poster