In another rumor about the ever unknown Guardians of the Galaxy casting, word from states that Benicio Del Toro’s recent casting theory as Thanos is misleading. Instead, it is word that he may be playing Taneleer Tivan, aka The Collector.

In a previous post on ComicUI, we speculated that Lee Pace was a contender for that villain should he choose to appear in the Guardians film. However, upon closer inspection of the cover of Avengers #119, the Collector has a closer appearance to that of Del Toro than Pace. The square jaw and crazy hair of Tivan really reflect upon the aging, yet always beautiful, Del Toro’s physique. Pace, however, has the boyish good looks that would make fangirls (and boys) squeal with pleasure.

The only thing conflicting this rumor is that Del Toro has signed a multiple picture deal with Marvel. How big? We don’t know. It could be future cameos or a full on main villain with a huge conflict (like Thanos!). Time will only tell until official casting news has been released to the masses.

Check out the original appearance below and let us know who should be the Collector?

Avengers 119

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