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New Gameplay Footage of Lego Marvel Super Heroes – ComicUI

New Gameplay Footage of Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Hot on the heels of Marvel Heroes released this week by Gazillion Entertainment, Eurogamer has released an exclusive interview with TellTale games about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Within that interview includes a new, never seen before level of the game featuring Thor, Wolverine, the Human Torch, and Captain America as they fight Loki and the Destroyer across Jotunheim (Frost giants) and Asgard (Bifrost bridge which turned out visually stunning). The second half of the interview includes the previous released footage of Spider-man, Iron Man and Hulk as they battle Abomination and Sandman in New York.

Some cool new features in this game include the ability for Captain America’s shield to deflect weapons, including large lasers, Thor seems to charge himself up and put on his battle armor from the cinematic universe, Loki can control NPC’s in the world to fight you, Spider-man and Wolverine have a ‘sixth sense’ ability to detect hidden interactions throughout the world,  and Wolverine has a really fun invincibility trick, instead of bursting into a bunch of LEGOs when defeated, he turns into an adamantium skeleton and keeps slashing at the baddies. Definitely a fun time with the humor and charm we’ve come to expect from all the LEGO games.

The story revolves around the Silver Surfer’s board being broken up amongst the Marvel Universe and the bad guys trying to get their hands on the pieces, so I expect to see some LEGO Galactus at some point too. There will be over 100 Marvel characters to play throughout the game, but only 18 will be featured in the story mode. The other dozens will have to be unlocked, found, or purchased using the LEGO studs you can find. Lastly, the hub world will be Manhattan as you roam around the streets interacting with all the LEGO people and other items strewn about, with the ability to travel to other locations such as the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building, Avengers Tower, the Raft super villain prison, Asgard, and more. With E3 around the corner, we’ll be back with more updates on this awesome game as they come out. Until then, catch out the awesome video below.


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