I’ve always wanted LEGO Avengers sets. I have the video game, twice, so why don’t I own any sets in real life? Probably because I’m a cheap ass when it comes to LEGOs. I’ve seen some good sets from my friends Marshall and Brad (who writes for and it makes me jealous.

The latest leaked image shows off the AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON LEGO sets coming out next year. Its in German, but thankfully we got a translation of each section and it contains MILD SPOILERS for the movie. Are you ready? Good.

(Click for a larger version)



Featuring the Iron Man vs. Ultron (Iron Man MK 43, Ultron Officer, and 2 Ultron Soldier), Duel with Hydra (Hydra Henchman, Hawkeye, Thor), Hulkbuster Rescue Mission (Hulk, Ultron Prime, Scarlet Witch, and Iron Man MK 43), The Avengers Quinjet Chase (Captain America, Vision, Black Widow, Ultimate Ultron, and Iron Man MK 43), Attack on Avengers Tower ( Iron Man MK 43, Thor, 2 Iron Legion Drones, Ultron), and Burglary in the Hydra Fortress (Quicksilver, Hydra Henchman, Baron Von Strucker, Hulk, and Captain America) sets.

From here, we can tell that the burglary in the Hydra fortress will be stealing Loki’s sceptre back, the Hulk needs rescued by the Hulkbuster armor, and Ultron bots come in Ultimate versions, soldiers, officers, and iron legions. Thats a lot going on and I can’t wait to buy these versions. The Hulk is also a darker green too.

We’ll be looking into this more as LEGO unveils more catalog material and possibly seeing what else they can give us. Who’s buying these LEGO sets next summer?

Source: LEGO Catalog

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