We’ve all seen the evolution of superhero emblems. Hell, even we’ve posted on for Wolverine last year. Now, with BATMAN V SUPERMAN coming in 2016 and Spider-Man always being popular (Sony and Marvel are in talks for him to join their cinematic universe), someone decided to put all of their known emblems/logos into a gif.

Batman begins in 1941 and goes up through the 2016 logo for BvS, Superman starts in 1938 and includes the Man of Steel ‘S’ on his chest, and lastly, Spider-Man (late bloomer) goes from 1961 through this year’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 symbol. Take a look as each logo blends into the next and serves as a journey through time.

All credit goes to Eric Snapper, a Florida based content creator, and here’s hoping he does more! Perhaps we’ll see all of Iron Man’s armors soon.
batman logo evolution

superman emblem evolution

Spider-man emblem evolution

Source: Eric Snapper

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