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Extra X-Men Photos – ComicUI

Extra X-Men Photos

Bryan Singer has released a ton of photos from the production of the next X-Men movie, Days of Future Past. We’ve followed those for a while now, posting the new and noteworthy (some weren’t even fun), but now that production on the film has wrapped, we got a few images over the weekend to share with you.

First up, we get Hank McCoy (Beast), Xavier, and Wolverine looking might snazzy in their 70’s attire, walking through the halls of Xavier’s school for the gifted. This location is visible in nearly every X-Men movie and leads to either the Danger Room or Cerebro (or both). Whats interesting to note is that McCoy is in his human form, despite how we left him at the end of First Class (previous photos from the set show he will be returning to fuzzy blue mode sometime).

Beast Xavier Wolverine DOFP

Secondly, we have a few pieces of mutant artifacts, mostly from the First Class film. This would be similar to a museum piece, in which these items are imbued with importance. From left to right we get the coin Magneto sent through Shaw’s brain, Havoc’s body armor, one of Magneto’s helmets, and lastly, the wing from Angel Salvadore which was singed by one of Havoc’s blasts. Her absence from the upcoming movie seems to indicate something bad could have happened along the way.

Mutant Artifacts DOFP

Last, we have just a photo from when Days of Future Past officially ended production, showcasing Hugh Jackman, Bryan Singer, and a few other people I don’t recognize.. That’s really it, kinda boring, but fun to know the movie is wrapped!

Last Day DOFP



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