Deadline has reported that Fox is currently in talks with The Wolverine’s James Mangold and Hugh Jackman to return for a sequel to this summer’s film. The Wolverine currently sits over $410 million and was number one in China for the past two weeks straight. It currently sits as the second highest grossing X-Man film to date, behind The Last Stand. You can bring home The Wolverine this December as well.

However, many think that Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine may be in Days of Future Past, which is due out next May. Maybe this smaller, intimate film will draw him back to the role that he has definitely defined over the past 15 years.

Word is also that Mangold is wanting to write the film with Lauren Schuler Donner to produce again. I can say I was happy with the film, as you can read here, Would you be excited to see The Wolverine tackle a solo film again? I know I would be.

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