In a surprise, twist announcement today via twitter (as usual), Bryan Singer didn’t surprise the world with another picture from the upcoming X-men: Days of Future Past set but instead announced a new character to the X-men universe. Not necessarily someone comic fans aren’t familiar with, but someone we’ve not seen on the SILVER screen before (bad pun intended). As of today, Evan Peters (American Horror Story) has been cast as Quicksilver in Days of Future Past. Quicksilver is one of Magneto’s children with the ability to be extremely fast. How and why? Thats still up in the air, but every day I feel this is an X3 issue waiting to happen. By that, I mean too many mutants and not enough character.

The story revolves around a future where sentinels rule the world because of a senator’s assassination from the Brotherhood of Mutants, forcing surviving X-men in the future to time travel back and prevent it. However, we now know that there are 2 Xaviers, 2 Magnetos, most of the X2 cast (Wolverine, Storm, Iceman, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Colossus) and the First Class mutants (Mystique, Beast). Then add in some new mutants (Bishop, Quicksilver) and we already get confused. Lets hope this is done right and Michael Fassbender steals the show.

This news also follows Joss Whedon’s announcement that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (Magneto’s children) will be in Avengers 2. Yes, they can exist in both movie worlds. No, they will not be the same actors. Marvel can use the characters as Avengers without saying that they are mutants. For an example, read Ultimates 2. Fox can use the characters as mutants, but never refer to their Avengers roles, which were quite huge. This will be interesting to see 2 versions of the same character be played out on screen.

What do you think?

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