A bit of news that surprised me is that IT Crowd (which just aired its VERY last episode the same week as SHIELD premiered) and Bridesmaids star Chris O’Dowd will be making an appearance as “Richard” in Thor: The Dark World. He’s the date of Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman who was chosen by Kat Denning’s returning Darcy.

Popular rumor is that he’s Donald Blake, a previous love interested of Jane Foster from Thor (2011) that made a passing reference in a name badge worn by the depowered Thor. However, we have received an updated that he is in fact just ‘Richard’ but we ponder the hiring of another high profile actor for such a small role. Check out the photos of O’Dowd as Richard in a fancy restaurant scene.

 Chris O'Dowd

 Natalie Portman

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