LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is out this month and a week later Thor: The Dark World will be hitting IMAX 3D cinemas across the nation. In keeping up with tradition (Iron Man 3 had a LEGO poster), LEGO has given its aesthetic to the last Thor: The Dark World poster and it still looks pretty sweet. You can see Two-Face Malekith the Accursed (Fun Fact: The original poster has him pre-face damage, but LEGO has the battle scarred Malekith on theirs. Design choice?), Loki, Odin, and the Warriors Three all in their LEGO forms. Don’t expect them all to make appearances in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, but then again an entire level is in Asgard fighting the Destroyer Armor. Take a peek at the poster below and even further down for the original.



Thor the Dark World Poster