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Age of Ultron Will Have 2 Villains

We haven’t heard much out of the way of Avengers 2 plot news lately, but now Latino Review has word that we could be seeing another major Marvel villain grace the screen of the Age of Ultron film in 2015.

Rumor is that “there is a breakdown circulating in Hollywood where Marvel is looking for a PHYSICALLY IMPOSING MAN, age range 40-50, Caucasian, for a supporting role.” This is believed to be Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, from the Captain America comics. This news coming from El Mayimbe, this could be pure rumor or pure genius. At this point, the plot is very secret and we know little about the film. However, a few details help explain his presence.

Von Strucker is from the WWII era and a leader of HYDRA (Captain America reference) who has the ability to absorb life essence through an enchanted arm into himself. This provides eternal youth and some wicked powers. He’s a main villain in the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes show if you ever get a chance to watch the beginning episodes. He’s an underused character from the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby days in the 60’s, and a villain that could have a cool powerset.

Rumor has it, that the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver also work for him, doing his biddings and being evil minions. Perhaps this is how HYDRA is able to infiltrate the Avengers and tear them a new one. Since they can’t be mutants (Fox owns those rights), they could be introduced in this manner.  I also find this very meaningful, because Avengers 1 was very Thor based and Avengers 2 seems to be focusing on Tony Stark/Captain America’s films.

Who should they cast for the Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker? Perhaps Bryan Cranston should be rumored for the role, since everyone loves to cast him as everything.


Von Strucker


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