Today we’re on the verge of the US release of Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of Marvel superheroes appearing in cinemas! To celebrate such landmarks, ComicUI has written and Pickled Comics has illustrated the complete History of Marvel Studios.

Since the theatrical release of Captain America in 1944, Marvel has been producing more films based on their characters over the years. Releasing this week, The Winter Soldier stars another version of Captain America, and will mark 70 years of Marvel characters appearing on the silver screen. Normally, we would be concerned with a character in their 90s trying to be a spry Super Soldier and still appeal to today’s mainstream audience, but thankfully Stan Lee is only making a cameo appearance in this one. (Editor’s note: Dear Stan, don’t hate us.) But that made us realize Marvel Studios as we know it today is only a baby compared to the Marvel Comics company in its entirety.

Through an intimate collaboration with two growing websites, we will be presenting a 3 Part History of Marvel Studios event narrated by ComicUI and illustrated by Pickled Comics. We wanted to honor the 70th anniversary of Marvel’s film presence, as well as the release of their new movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

It is hard to imagine watching superhero movies as they are without the large influence Marvel Studios has had on popular culture and other film productions around the world. However, we will be presenting the history of Marvel characters in film and television at the dawn of the motion picture medium, through the 1990s Marvel bankruptcy, and ultimately ending on the modern emergence of superhero films and the creation of Marvel Studios. Come back each day to follow the story and see how we got to this week’s newest release, The Winter Soldier.

Select each image below to be taken to the respective section of Marvel’s history and view the gallery below to see the work by Mike Royer of Pickled Comics. Enjoy!

History of Marvel Comics Part 1 history of marvel studios part 2 history of marvel part 3


And Pickled Comics’ Visual History gallery! To see the full images, please click on each image below or head over to the Full Gallery.


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