I’d like to apologize for not having this review up sooner, however, I felt I needed a second screening to fully encapsulate my feelings for this film. That in no way insinuates disrespect or dislike from the film, but in fact opposite. Mostly, the first screening had two girls who could not keep their mouths shut for more than 2 minutes at a time, therefore I was distracted by all the vulgarities I wished to use, but didn’t out of respect of children in the theater. However, the second outing was much more pleasant and solidified my thoughts for the film. Enjoy!


ComicUI Reviews – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier is first and foremost an action film that rivals other movies of the genre, such as Die Hard and James Bond films, but also presses the hot button topics that make the film relevant to the world as a whole. Standing as an individual outing for Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, anyone who has not seen The First Avenger (2010) should not fret, as this film is easily accessible to anyone, not just the Marvel diehards. If you have seen Captain America’s first outing and are more hesitant to partake in The Winter Soldier, you should be relieved to know that this film has taken storytelling, character development, and pacing to new levels that are only matched by Iron Man (2008) and The Avengers (2012).

The film manages to bring a thoughtful approach to modern topics, such as social media, the NSA, and freedom vs security, while at the same time maintaining the Marvel approach to films, much like Iron Man did all those years ago. While not overly saturated with humor, the pacing of this film starts off very solid and doesn’t slow down throughout. From the Lemurian Star and Batroc (the leaper), downtown Washington DC car chases and shootouts, to finally, Helicarrier size action sets, it never once lets up or disappoints. Hardly ever does the film refer to the events of New York from The Avengers, which also helps the film stand on its own two feet, rather than rely on that film’s story and success to ensure the seats in the theater are filled.

Following Steve Rogers, the Black Widow, and Nick Fury who have been setup in previous Marvel installments, we’re treated to new characters  in the film, such as Sam Wilson (the Falcon) and Alexander Pierce, portrayed with superb gravitas by Robert Redford, who knows how to make the role come to life. It never once seems crowded when all the pieces fall into place, even as Steve Roger’s ghosts from his past life are brought up to haunt him.

I only regret the film for not including the titular Winter Soldier as much as promised, but also applaud the restrained use of the character. With this double edged sword and quite possibly my own inherent knowledge of the character, I can say that when he does make his first screen appearance, there I felt absolute fear. From the frightening mystery to the haunting soundtrack accompanying the character, the only thing I crave from the film is more Winter Soldier.

At the end of the day, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is one of the best action films to be released recently, as well as one of the better modern political thrillers of our day. By taking these genres first and inserting the established Marvel characters, it elevates this film to new levels, rather than resting on its laurels from The Avengers. After seeing the film twice now, I can say without question that The Winter Soldier now takes its place in my mind as the second greatest Marvel Studios production to date, only behind the impossibly amazing Avengers.

 Review 4.5/5 Stars – Marvel Movie Magic!

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