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First up, THOR: THE DARK WORLD Review

Original post at NerdTraffic 11-10-13




This weekend I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Thor: The Dark World in IMAX 3D and needless to say, I was not let down from what transpired on screen.

The Dark World is as much an ensemble film as it is a character driven story that focuses on the lengths one would go for love, friendship, and ultimately family. Serving as more of a direct sequel to Thor than the Avengers (look at you Iron Man 3), The Dark World sometimes stumbles as it asks the viewer to suspend their disbelief in how early events transpire, but the journey shows us strong characters in situations they can’t exactly smash their way out of. Alan Taylor brings the Nine Realms to life as we zip back and forth between several worlds and despite the gravity of the situations, maintains the humor that gives this series its charm. By the end of the film, I’m ready to travel the cosmos with Thor, as he undoubtedly will do in an inevitable sequel for Marvel’s Phase 3 films.

Score – 4/5


Source: NerdTraffic

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