It seems that Marvel isn’t giving up on their spy drama Agents of SHIELD just yet. Although the recent ratings have dipped, they will be adding Bill Paxton to the roster for a four episode arc this February/March. In stark (pun unintended) contrast to the other Agents of SHIELD we’ve seen so far, Paxton’s character will be bringing some serious firepower into the mix.



Playing Agent John Garrett, showrunner Jed Whedon described the character to TV Guide as such, “a rough-and-tumble former 

cohort of Agent Coulson, with a little bit of attitude and cigar-smoking swagger… [W]hen Garrett got his promotion to Level 7, he refused to sit behind a desk and doesn’t like the formalities of S.H.I.E.L.D. He’s going to help Coulson solve some mysteries and is not afraid to rig an explosive or two.”

Agent John Garrett has appeared in the comics and will be another name pulled from the comics for the television series. He was conceived in Elektra: Assassin from Frank Miller and  Bill Sienkiwicz back in the 80’s. I’m unfamiliar with the character, but I feel he’s going to blow the whole Coulson mystery wide open (pun intended).

Are you ready for SHIELD to get some Paxton action?

Source: TV Guide

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