Seinfeld isn’t just a TV show, its a way of life. Ask anyone who knows me, I’ve seen every episode, in order, more than 10 times each. Its a bi-yearly thing where I start at the beginning and get through them all. My girlfriend doesn’t quite get it yet, but she was absolutely awesome and helped me get tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld live last month. It was fantastic and wonderful and he still holds up after all this time.

As for the show, I will one day hopefully own them on blu-ray, if they’re ever remastered and released on the format. Either way, as of June this year, every episode of Seinfeld will be available to stream via Hulu Plus. The digital content service supposedly paid a little under $1 million for each episode, and that includes all 180 episodes. This is NOT ideal for me, as I despise Hulu with every fiber of my being, you have to pay for the service THEN watch commercials, but yada yada yada I don’t want to be a pirate and download all the episodes when I’d gladly pay for them.

Confirmed by Jerry Seinfeld and Hulu this morning, its quite the big deal. “There’s no question that Seinfeld has played a major role in TV history, which is why we cannot wait to make all episodes of the series available to stream for the first time ever on Hulu. Whether you are an existing fan who just wants to relive your favorite moments over and over again, or are a new viewer who wants experience Seinfeld from the very beginning, Hulu will now be your destination to stream what has been dubbed as one of the greatest shows of all time,” said Craig Erwich, SVP, Head of Content, Hulu.

Will you be getting Hulu Plus to watch all of Seinfeld or find another means?

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