Free stuff. Thats all you had to say, and while technically you pay monthly for Xbox LIVE Gold subscription, a normally $10 game for free is not a bad deal at all. Considering yearly I pay approximately $50 for my Gold account, standard is around $60 at full price and online stores always sell codes at less than face value.

That brings me to Microsoft and Xbox’s “Games With Gold” promo! Teased earlier this year, Games With Gold is the idea that Xbox/Microsoft will be giving you free games to everyone with Gold LIVE subscriptions. Future titles include Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed II, which is a complete turn around from the past 8 years. About a month ago I was honestly thinking of canceling my Gold account for the first time since I got it, prior to the 360. My blu-ray player can do my Netflix at no cost, and I haven’t played an online match in over 6 months. So the day after I decided I would not renew this year, Microsoft threw this chunk of change at us and I decided to keep on trucking, even through my Xbox One days that lie ahead.

Last month’s game was Fable 3, full version for free. Which I immediately hopped on day and date, which I now apologize for not posting on ComicUI, but this was prior to our Video Games section. This month, July 2013, we have been given Defense Grid: The Awakening.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Defense Grid: The Awakening is the definitive Tower Defense Strategy game that’s easy to pick up, engrossing to play, and hard to set down. Strategically place your towers on the map to prevent alien enemies from stealing your power cores.[/alert]

All you Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers should jump on this offer while its good. You can download it by signing into your account on an Xbox 360 or by clicking HERE. You’re welcome!

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