Neil Gaiman is no stranger to the art of comic books or fantasy lore. I’ve come across his work when Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes was given to me by Brian of ComicUI. It was from him I learned many comic series and turned me into the guru I am today, but Sandman was unlike anything I’ve ever gotten my hands on. It wasn’t your typical comic book full of super heroes, struggles, and damsels in distress. The artwork was pure black on white, scribbles almost, of Morpheus and his return to power from being away. Morpheus in turn is known as the Sandman, a being who gets his powers from the dreams of others.

As the series continued, I came to realize that Gaiman and Morpheus were a pair that could only exist with one another and that this series really turned the concept of comic books into graphic novels. It was a storytelling masterpiece if you let it become one. Finishing up his run on the series in 1986, years before I had come across the books, I once again encountered Gaiman in Doctor Who, a television show known for it’s extremely long ‘run’ of 50 years this year. He penned two episodes, The Doctor’s Wife and more recently Nightmare in Silver, the former being a favorite of many people in recent years. Others may know his work in Stardust, Coraline, or American Gods, all wonderful pieces of literature and heralded as musts to most literary enthusiasts.

This October 30, Gaiman returns to Morpheus in The Sandman Overture, a bi monthly miniseries published by DC imprint Vertigo. We may not publish too much on DC comics, but The Sandman is not one series to be trifled with. Check out the cover below and let us know how excited you are for the return of the Dream King.


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