After reporting the extra features on the upcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER home release today, we have confirmation from Ryan Penagos (AgentM on twitter) that there will not be a One-Shot included with the home release. This may come as a surprise, as the recent One-Shots have only been increasing in quality (including a redemption of sorts for Trevor Slattery), ultimately resulting in two television shows from their stories. With Agents of SHIELD resulting from Coulson’s One-Shots and Item 47 and an entire TV series developed around Agent Carter, we’re really surprised to see the lack of mini-movies with the home releases.

On the flip side, we could see this as a sign Marvel is putting their eggs into several baskets at once and need to tone back the One-Shots. With two films produced a year, two TV series this fall, and four Netflix shows beginning production soon, thats a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe at once. Sure, the One-Shots don’t take away from these, it would have been nice to see something related back to THE DARK WORLD other than the few SHIELD episodes.

Are you going to miss the One-Shots or do you think Marvel will change their mind before September?


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