We found a great picture for you over on Reddit. I had to double take on this picture. I thought it was Jared Leto posing for his upcoming 30 Seconds to Mars album and decided he had a cold face at the same time. Nope, we get a super large close up of Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier on the set of the upcoming Captain America sequel. What we can tell from this picture is how awesome this ‘baddie’ really looks on screen and that his outfit matches that of Cap’s too, in terms of utility. Why is he wearing the face mask though? That would be my biggest question, other than hide his identity. Functional purpose? Lets hope. Also notice the orange dots? Those are CG markers, so they can make his arm very nice and metallic in post. Even before the computer magic, it looks pretty shiny and awesome.


Click for a larger version.

Winter Soldier Close Up

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