UPDATE: Apparently Fox owns the right to this clip? Gosh, big studios always trying to keep the little man down. Too bad I have my own copy! Stay tuned while I get it uploaded.

UPDATE 2: Someone else got a longer version of the trailer showing off more of what we expect from the cinematic trailer. It seems a lot more of this takes place in the Future than anticipated.

Fox showed off a trailer of the upcoming X-men film, Days of Future Past at SDCC this year, which had footage of the old cast, new cast, and showing our first footage of the new mutants (Bishop/Warpath). This past weekend at Fantasia Fest, a fan took his phone in, risking his life and limb (not really) to get us a piece of that trailer. We have that YouTube link for your viewing pleasure here, so take in the blurry cam footage and get excited for the next X-movie.

Original: X-men: Days of Future Past Trailer Footage from ComicUI on Vimeo.

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