Although there has been no official announcement from Marvel or Kevin Feige himself, there has been a mild confirmation that the studio is looking to proceed with a sequel to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, which hasn’t even released yet! With this sequel, James Gunn would be the man who returns to write and direct the movie.

At SDCC, the co-writer for Guardians, Nicole Perlman, mentioned that the studios SHOULD want to do a sequel and they’re figuring it out pretty quickly.

“They started to figure it out pretty quick when they started getting the reactions from the audience; it was a very positive reaction,” Perlman revealed exclusively to the site. “Of course they would want to make a sequel as long as it does well and people are excited about it, they’ll wanna do a sequel. So, it’s going to happen. James will be directing ‘Guardians 2,’ so he would also be writing ‘Guardians 2.”

With the movie expecting to surpass expectations at the box office next weekend, I think we’ll be hearing more about the Guardians returning to save the galaxy sooner than later.

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