It has been a slow week or two, folks. With nearly every comic book TV shows starting this month, we’ve not really had a lot of comic book movie news. If you’re not watching Gotham, Flash, Arrow, iZombie, Constantine, or Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD you’re probably doing better than we are, but also curious as to what movie news do we have.

To fill your insatiable palate, we’ve compiled the biggest list of potential spoilers from Marvel’s next film, AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON. These are in NO way confirmed to be part of the movie, but once you start drawing some connections…they seem mostly right.

I would like to take this moment to warn you now that if these do turn out to be true, there are SPOILERS below. You know the risk by proceeding.

If you have any ideas or theories for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, leave them in the comments below and we’ll see who is right come May 1, 2015.






  • Movie begins with the Avengers taking down a HYDRA offshoot led by Baron Strucker with the Twins.
  • Stark creates Ultron to assess potential threats. He goes rogue and determines that the human race needs to be destroyed.
  • Black Widow is struggling to adapt to a modern life and has feelings for Banner. Captain America gets a brief moment with Maria Hill.
  • Ultron recruits the Twins to help him. Hawkeye reaches out to them and talks about his past as a carnie. Ultron mocks him for being an insect among gods and not relevant to any of their fights.
  • Stark and Banner have a falling-out because Stark created counter-measures against the Hulk without telling him, and used his neural patterns on Ultron even after Banner told him not to. Banner ends up getting infected with a biological agent created by Ultron that prevents him from Hulking out, and has to find a cure, sacrificing the one thing he always wanted to help his friends.
  • Captain America and Thor visit a still naked and still deranged Dr. Erik Selvig to find out more about Vibranium.
  • Andy Serkis is Phineas Horton.
  • The Vision is J.A.R.V.I.S. reprogrammed by Ultron to act as a weapon against the Avengers. He is modeled after Stark’s childhood butler Edwin Jarvis, and Tony manages to reach him.
  • Ultron kills an entire country. That’s when Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Vision realize he’s too dangerous.
  • Claudia Kim is a South Korean friend of Stark’s whose company has developed technology Ultron needs for his upgrading process.
  • Ultron disables all Starktech, including the War Machine armor, taking Rhodes out of commission. He still helps the Avengers as a soldier, and there’s also an appearance of USAF Captain Carol Danvers, she leads a squad of F-16s in an assault against Ultron, but her face is never seen.
  • Ultron is catty and calls Stark “father”.
  • In the final battle, the Hulk battles the Hulkbuster.
  • Nick Fury confers with the Avengers in the beginning and later coordinates them during the final battle with Ultron and the Iron Legion.
  • Hawkeye fires an arrow at Ultron from an exploding Quinjet filled with drones, sacrificing himself to hit him with an USB arrow that uploads a virus created by Stark into Ultron’s system. Captain America wields Thor’s hammer and destroys Ultron’s enhanced body. Ultron tries to jump to other robotic bodies, but Quicksilver destroys them one by one in a matter of seconds, and Ultron ends up trapped in an old Iron Man armor, which is promptly destroyed.
  • Captain America’s broken shield is a dream when Scarlet Witch is checking out the most likely outcome of the final battle.
  • The Vision and Scarlet Witch have some moments. Quicksilver is a hothead and fiercely protective of her. There’s some weird undertones, and Stark makes a “Game of Thrones” joke about it.
  • Captain America is still searching for Bucky.
  • In the end, the Avengers create a Avengers Academy to train human soldiers to protect the planet as their support. Falcon and War Machine show up to audition.
  • Captain America is visited by Phil Coulson and Agent Tripplet, who tell him SHIELD is back, off-grid and off-books. Coulson still respects Cap and gives him a new lead on Bucky’s whereabouts, showing grainiy security footage of Bucky at a train station in Portland.
  • There’s a flashback to 1945 where Steve, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark and Jarvis, played by Paul Bettany, meet Phineas Horton, who talks with them about robotics and the potential of neural pattern mapping to program automatons, planting the seed to Ultron.
  • Thor says “Ultron, we would have words with you” indeed.
  • Stark blames himself for Ultron’s crimes, and Rogers gives him a pep talk, even echoing the “genius, billionaire, playboy, philantrophist” line.


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