Alert: The Wolverine will be released this weekend on July 26. This is a reminder for all those wanting to see the 6th outing of Wolverine on the big screen, his second solo film, and definitely not the last. You can be for sure I will be there Friday night watching it. Most likely plagued by teenagers who lack movie going etiquette, but its the price we pay for trying to see a movie opening weekend.

Also, on that note, I’d like to inform everyone right now that yes, there IS A POST CREDITS SCENE.

Please stay after the credits and watch the scene afterwards. Rumor has it that it ties this film to the next, Days of Future Past, but I won’t be posting any spoilers here. Come back this weekend or next week to catch our review as well, as soon as I get Pacific Rim review posted. Totally slacking on that one.

Until then, grab your claws and we’ll see you at the movies!

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