In an odd turn of events, it seems that the digital licenses of all Marvel titles on Steam, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live have been pulled as of 2014. This includes Marvel Vs Capcom titles, Spider-Man games, and the 6 month old Deadpool title. These have all been on sale via their respective digital stores for the past month, but no one knew exactly that they would abruptly disappear. Rumor is that physical copies of the games may not be in circulation much longer either. So buy up all that you can!

Activision has confirmed that all titles involving Deadpool, X-Men, and Spider-Man were effected, which contributes to most of the games that were available. Perhaps it is time for Marvel to consolidate down to one publishing studio for their games as well. What does this mean for the future of Marvel games? Probably something awesome, but until then I pour this out for my missing homies.



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