If you were watching the Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop on ABC last night, you may have caught the first clip from the upcoming series AGENT CARTER. Marvel was gracious enough to show us that Howard Stark will be returning, as well as meeting the real life version of Jarvis (which Tony Stark based his personal AI on).

The clip, while short, shows that Peggy Carter can hold her own as she gets into a fight (in a kitchen no less) and definitely gains the upper hand. Its good to see a female led TV series in the comic book world and one that is definitely not based on super powers. Another bit of information we learned is that the show will be releasing in January 2015 for 8 episodes.

We’re not sure if this will interrupt Agents of SHIELD or air simultaneously, but we’re excited either way. Let us know if you’ll be watching AGENT CARTER in 2015!

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