A few weeks ago we were graced with a copy of the Guardians of the Galaxy footage that was shown at SDCC/D23. That was enough to have multiple nerdgasms in one go. We saw Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Groot, Nebula, and just all the goodness that will be had when the film comes out next August.

Since then, we’ve gotten some more production images of Glenn Close and more recently Michael Rooker as Yondu. Today we’re going to share with you a frozen still from the GotG lineup that went along with the SDCC/D23 footage (similar to the Star-Lord one we posted a few weeks ago). It showcases off Dave Bautista’s portrayal of Drax, a core member of the Guardians. We get to see his full getup which is less green and more red than we’re used to, but with all the other rainbow colored characters in the film, this is a welcome change.

Things to take away from this image is that this version of Drax is known for murder, 22 counts to be exact. Straight up killing people/things. The fact that Marvel isn’t shying away from that fact is a good sign that the film will stay true to the character. The bottom is harder to read by says 7 counts of GBH – grievous bodily harm. Its also important to note that his species is “unknown” and seems to have some enhancements that are more genetic/scientific than cosmic, like his comic counterpart. I have no doubt they’ll delve into his background in the film, but until then familiarize yourself with The Destroyer.


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