Yes, we’re making a list! And checking it twice. We’ve seen the new AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON trailer more times than we’d like to admit int he past 12 hours and want to give you ALL the details that you may have missed last night.

First things first, if you haven’t seen the new trailer for the upcoming Avengers sequel, head over to that page and watch it first. Once you’ve seen the trailer, watch it again in full screen. Then finally you can come back over here and read 5 secrets we saw in the trailer!

Are you ready? Did you watch the trailer? Twice? Good! Let us begin…


1. Wakandan people

I am 90% sure that is a Wakandan citizen in a vibranium mine. Why? Because thats where Black Panther comes from and with him appearing next year, his country needs to show up. Also, Ulysses Klaw (probably that Andy Serkis fellow) is known for working with Vibranium and giving Ultron his final, near indestructible form. (Also, she is totally topless)

Avengers Age of Ultron Marvel Wakandan

2. The Hulk is under mind control

Did you see how badly Bruce Banner’s alter ego and Tony Stark are throwing down? Thats gonna be wicked, but at the end, you can see that in his eyes, the Hulk isn’t truly there. He’s gone feral or savage or whatever Hulks become. I blame the Scarlet Witch…

Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk mind control

3. Black Widow baby

A young version of the Black Widow appears briefly, and she seems terrified. Is this part of a flashback scene? I think so and we’ll learn more about each character’s pasts.

marvel avengers age of ultron black widow

4. You can electrify the God of Thunder

Apparently the man who calls upon lightning to smite his foes, also is susceptible to its effects. Or some lady in background is using Asgardian magic on him… (judging by her nudity though, my guess is that he’s in Wakanda, where technology is pretty advanced)

marvel avengers age of ultron thor electify

5. Ultron is a Sith Lord

Did you SEE that red force lightning come out of his fingers?! This is the Marvel/Star Wars/Disney crossover we all need. Ok, not really, but that was pretty sweet.

marvel avengers age of ultron force lightning


6. This movie is all about Daredevil

Because we don’t have any Vision yet…(really, where is our Vision!?!)

marvel vision cry

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