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Marvel Keeping Adam Warlock in Mind

Marvel Keeping Adam Warlock in Mind

by Christopher DillardSeptember 13, 2013

Adam Warlock has been a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy for a while now, except in the most recent Marvel NOW! series. He is most known throughout the Infinity Gauntlet series as someone who possesses one of the infinity gems, mind. Through this mind gem, he can pull people into it and essentially save their lives in harmful situations or create illusions in which they will live. This was very apparent in his appearance in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes along the other Guardians.

His removal from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film had left many a bit irate and not in the right state of…mind. However, recent rumor is to be believed (and something tells me to be very wary of this) we may be getting a glimpse at the man who is to be Warlock. We may not get him in action, but perhaps a glimpse at him in suspended animation. A tease at best, but better than nothing.

Take a look at the tweets below and let us know if you want to see Adam Warlock appear in the film.

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