Today, Nintendo has announced that on October 12, they will be releasing the 2DS. That is correct, a 2DS. Its the same as a 3DS, but without the 3D and a very questionable design. Instead of the clamshell case we are so used to and started with the first original Nintendo DS, it is a single, flat piece of hardware with re-organized buttons to help you hold it more centrally. Please take note again, that this does not fold in half. At all. So its kind of questionable about how you want to protect your screens. Have a look at the new handheld console in blue.

Release: October 12, 2103
Price: $129.99
Colors: ???

This is actually something I truly want to get. As most of you know, I cannot view 3D due to some visibility restrictions with my eyesight and the normal 3DS is out of my price range for something I don’t feel would get used as much as the X-box. But at this sweet price point, $130 and the fact 3D has been removed, its gaining popularity on my list. Not to mention it releases day and date with Pokemon X and Y, a game series I’ve followed and played since Red/Blue back in the day. Have a look at this beast and let us know if you’ll be getting one.

Source: Nintendo

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