With the state of cinema looking different each and every day, a lot of big tentpole releases are on pause for production and unlikely to make their original release date. Since Marvel has delayed every Phase 4 movie so far, Warner Bros. has done the same now with a few of their upcoming releases (save one).

The Batman has been pushed back from June 2021 to October 1, 2021. If the story is truly off the Long Halloween, this could be a fitting month for the Dark Knight’s return.

Shazam 2 has been pushed back 7 months, from April 2022 all the way to November 4, 2022. While this film is not in production at this time, I’m unsure why the huge delay. Will this allow space for Black Adam to appear in the film or something else?

Lastly, The Flash (if it ever gets made) has been bumped up a whole month to June 3, 2022. While this has had more director changes than any other non-existing movie we know of, it seems WB is intent on getting The Flash to the big screen.

Wonder Woman 84 was previously delayed in 2020 to August 13 from its original June date. Suicide Squad and Aquaman 2 are the only other movie not mentioned at this time to be delayed, but Suicide Squad seems to have been in post-production for a while now, with Aquaman 2 forever away.

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