Good news folks! Its time for Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo 2013, better known as C2E2. This will be my third year covering events there, but this time will be much different than the last. You will get updates almost every hour of things happening on the show floor, artist gallery, and the spotlight panels. The other half of ComicUI, Brian, will be there with me and we won’t stop till they make us leave. You folks will only be begging for more by Sunday afternoon, which will lead me to my next trip. Hint: Its in Los Angeles and might involve Tony Stark.

For quick access to our updates, use the C2E2 tab on the nav bar and follow us whenever you get a chance. You never know who or what may pop up on our adventure. Last year it was Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings fame and Anthony Daniels (C3P0), the year prior was Chris Hemsworth (the one and only Odinson, Thor) and Claudi Sanchez (Coheed & Cambria).

If you’re in the Chicago area this weekend and want to stop by the event or even want to catch up with Brian or myself, let us know in the comments. For more information please check out for the latest news on special guests and happenings.

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