Stan Lee is a staple character in every Marvel film as of late (except X-Men: First Class) and it should be no surprise that he is scheduled to appear in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD tv show. Lee is actually a character who is an Agent of SHIELD in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series and does his daily duties as the high school janitor. In Season 2, he had an episode that feature him as a complete badass fighting the Lizard in the tunnels under the school.

As Stan hits his older age, I’m happy to see him taking a prominent role in the Marvel Universe. Sure, many people may not appreciate him as a person, but without Stan Lee, I’m not sure we’d have Marvel as we do today. Since Agents of SHIELD’s second half of season 1 premieres tonight on ABC, we may not get a hint at Lee’s role in his upcoming episode, but rumor is that he’ll be in the episode that airs on Feb 4. Needless to say, I’ll be tuning in for the show.

Do you think Stan needs more screen time or are his one-off cameos enough?




Source: Hollywood Reporter

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