In news this week, The Daily Mail has reports that Avengers 2: Age of Ultron will see Paul Bettany return not only as Jarvis, but as the Vision. With reported filming to begin next month, there are details of Jeremy Renner and Paul Bettany getting ready for their roles at Shepperton Studios, London.

“Bettany and Jeremy Renner, who plays ace archer Hawkeye, were at Shepperton Studios just outside London this week, meeting with director Joss Whedon. They did a series of costume, hair and make-up tests and worked with stuntmen and armorers.” They go on to say that “Make-up experts were using various powders and potions on Bettany’s pale skin to bring about the Vision’s chalk-white complexion.”

Now you may be remembering the Vision to be a bit more colorful, especially green, red, and yellow, however that was not until later in the Marvel universe. We have provided an image below for reference, if you’re unfamiliar with the original character. The Vision, originally created by Ultron in the comics, was first white and nearly translucent, much like his abilities to phase through solid objects. With the Daily Mail’s statements above sounding more matter-of-fact than fanboy, it seems that we will truly see the evolution of the Vision throughout the Avengers 2 film.

If our speculations are correct, we think that the Vision will be a hologram version of Jarvis, voiced by Paul Bettany in the other films. This may ultimately lead to a transformation or evolution into Ultron, played by James Spader. We can’t really confirm or deny this theory right now, but just know it is not a fact.

What do you think, should the Vision be white or does he belong in his multi-colored version?


UPDATE: A new source from the Shepperton Studios outside of London has given more details on the design of the Vision for the upcoming film, perhaps we will see a colorful version of the character after all.

“It has a helmet akin to the Iron Man armor, but it’s designed more like a face than a smooth Stark helmet. The iconic yellow and green are present in the design, but it’s more metallic shades than bright ‘comic book colors.’ They said it reminds them somewhat of the T-100 from Terminator 2 but it’s not as shiny. The yellow metal “liquid” bits seem to light up. This may or may not happen since there are two designs for that section. One lights up the other doesn’t. That’s the only difference. The cape is present, but they say it appears to only “pop out” when in flight mode. The cape sports some similar shades of yellow as the body. The “neck pieces” are the same yellow but they seem to shift positions from “standing” (for lack of a better word) to “flight mode.”



Source: The Daily Mail

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