Finally, after several long months of waiting, Marvel has released CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and AGENTS OF SHIELD for purchase. You can buy Winter Soldier in 3D, blu-ray, DVD, and/or Digital HD, whichever tickles your fancy, and Agents of SHIELD on blu-ray or DVD.

There are TONS of version of Captain America out there, including at least 7 different ones at Wal-mart, but from my personal experience, Target has the best offers. Yesterday, I was able to get the 3D/BD/Digital HD version of the movie for $20 and picked up the Blu-ray version of SHIELD for only $40. Normally, the movie will cost around $25-30 the first week and TV shows are towards $60 or more in blu. If you’re looking to add these to your collection, this week is the week to do so.

If you didn’t read our review praising Marvel on their first release of 2014 and have not seen the movie, we encourage you to do so right now. It effectively changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ways that were reverberated throughout SHIELD and will be felt in the coming years as other Marvel movies premiere. Don’t be afraid to watch the film and check it against our 13 Secrets of the Winter Soldier article as well. Did we miss any? You tell us!

As for Agents of SHIELD, it gets a slow start, but around episode 10 it kicks into overdrive and doesn’t slow down till the end of the season. Also, it should be noted that Season 2 of AoS starts in 2 weeks, as well as getting a sister series during the winter break in Marvel’s AGENT CARTER.

Will you be buying Marvel’s big movies this week or are you too busy playing Bungie’s Destiny to care?

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