The new images from the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR retelling show off the main characters, Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller), Invisible Woman (Kate Mara), Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell). Some of these characters are in costume for the first time, such as Susan Storm, while we get better looks at Reed Richard’s containment suit for his stretchy ability and the Human Torch’s fire suit.

While we don’t see The Thing in rock form or Toby Kebbel’s Dr. Doom, we do see Tim Blake Nelson (The Incredible Hulk) pre-Mole Man, going by his civilian alias, Harvey Elder. If you’re thinking thats a lot of names, it is. People have been way to focused on the supposed back story of Dr. Doom, they’ve forgot Harvey is in it and will become the Mole Man, which is AWESOME! He’s a huge part of Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four comics and it has paid off.

Either way, none of these images reveal much, but you should definitely take a look at whats going on in them and get hyped for FANTASTIC FOUR this August. Also, go watch the trailer.

fantastic_four3 fantastic_four1 fantastic_four4 fantastic_four2


Source: Empire Online 

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