Guardians of the Galaxy is the only Marvel film that we’ve not seen any ‘official’ footage for, despite the SDCC teaser that gets my heart racing every time I see it. This week, a banner for the film was seen down in South America though and showcases some artwork that closely resembles the concept banner that was also unveiled at SDCC this year. We see Rocket on Groot’s shoulder, as he should be, Drax looking pretty stoic and fierce, Gamora which is just another skin color for Ms. Saldana (this photo is NOT doing her justice), and perhaps most interesting, a masked Star-Lord with blue ball. (HA)


Does this reveal something in the film? Probably something they’ve either stolen or are looking to obtain, which puts them at odds with Ronan the Accuser, Nebula, the Collector, and ultimately Thanos. Take a look at this small taste of whats to come in 2014 from Marvel and then go watch that Captain America trailer again, because it’s DAMN sexy. Also, all 3D screenings of Thor: The Dark World will show 5 minutes from The Winter Soldier before the film. Enjoy!


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