Marvel has released a few 30 second featurettes on several GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY members already. They each give us a little bit about the character with the actors who will be portraying them, as well as some hot new behind-the-scenes footage. Once you’ve seen all of the introductions, head to the bottom and vote for your favorite Guardian of the Galaxy! Don’t forget to watch the newest trailer as well!

First released is Rocket Raccoon, with a piece of dialogue by Bradley Cooper. We also get to see his attitude in the prison as well, claiming his…ahem…booty.

Secondly, Vin Diesel introduces us to Groot, the boldest character Marvel has ever attempted to bring to cinemas. Trees everywhere will glad to get some positive representation in the film.

Newly added, is Dave Bautista as Drax and we get to see him whip some ass behind the scenes. A physically intimidating being fueled by vengeance, Drax will be a force to be seen on screen.

Zoe Saldana is no stranger to being different colored, but meet her as the deadly green assassin, Gamora, in the upcoming movie. It ain’t easy being green.

Lastly, we have Chris Pratt as the ever humorous Peter Quill aka Star-Lord. Check out the latest non-super hero from Marvel as he prepares to win over our hearts and souls.

Now vote for your favorite Guardian of the Galaxy!

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