This week, Marvel released their newest mobile game Marvel Run Jump Smash! This game takes cues from the endless runner genre that has popped up on mobile devices, but also has a Super Nintendo style look to it, meaning it is charming, as well as nostalgic. The same day, GameLoft announced their next big game based on Marvel properties, Captain America: The Winter Soldier with a full trailer accompanying it. In honor of its release, I’ve decided to give a brief rundown and some basic thoughts for a few other current Marvel games for Mobile.

Let’s start with GameLoft’s trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier game!


Marvel Run Jump Smash! – $.99 with In-App Purchases

marvel_rjsMentioned previously, Marvel Run Jump Smash is an endless runner that starts you off as a SHIELD Agent (Fury or Hill) and then allows you to call upon other superheroes when their icon appears on the screen. The game starts off easy with some basic jump and shoots then escalates in difficulty the farther you get. With a $.99 price point, the game is definitely fun and addictive, however to unlock more characters in the game, they require some extra cash. I’d recommend this for anyone who has some time to kill and wants to beat their friends score.

Download for iOS | Download for Android




Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign – Free with In-App Purchases

puzzle_questI’m a huge fan of the previous Puzzle Quest game, so when I heard Marvel was getting a piece of the action I knew there was gold. What I didn’t know was how addicting and time consuming the game could be. A peculiar choice for this game was to use the Dark Reign storyline as the basis for the game too. It wasn’t unanimously received as the best Marvel plot line, but we loved it due to the Sentry’s involvement. Another good part about the game is the constant updates and cloud save files if you have multiple devices.

Download for iOS | Download for Android | Download via Steam for PC



X-Men: Battle of the Atom/Marvel War of Heroes – Free with In-App Purchases

x_botaI group these two games in together because their gameplay is super similar. You create a team of heroes or X-Men and you defeat simple enemies till the end. Your heroes are cards that level up 3 times and then can be combined with similar cards to create even more powerful versions of that character with different artwork. I don’t find these games as addictive as the others, but some people may prefer their gameplay style.

X-Men: BotA – Download for iOS
War of Heroes – Download for iOS | Download for Android



Avengers Alliance – Free with In-App Purchases

avengers_allianceAvengers Alliance is a dangerous game. Originally released for Facebook in March 2012, I played this game every day for a year straight, without missing so much as even one day. They’ve now released a mobile version of the game and I can confirm it is just as addictive as the browser version. The monthly updates and new character additions make this a great game for those who like RPG elements to their games. You level up and get new weapons and it is downright awesome. Bonus, you can play the entire game for free without buying extra items.

Download for iOS | Download for Android



Avengers Initiative – $1.99 with In-App Purchases

avengers_initiativeHave you played the Infinity Blade series on iOS? Then you’ll feel right at home with Avengers Initiative. You take control of the Hulk as he travels through a town and beats up on various marvel baddies. This story lead to Marvel’s Iron Man and Hulk Team Up film even, including the same character models. On the flip side, you can unlock Captain America and his story, which is more stealth and intrigue than Hulk’s smash gameplay. This game needs to update with more characters, but is still a solid staple in my Marvel Mobile list. It may not be a free game, but the hidden paths and secrets always make the game feel fresh on each playthrough.

Download for iOS | Download for Android

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