Marvel’s LUKE CAGE series for Netflix is getting ready to kick off production and they’re announcing casting choices left and right. We have previously reported that Cheo Hodari Coker is the show runner for the series with Mike Colter set to star as the titular hero (but first appearing in Jessica Jones).

On the side, we’ve also gotten wind of Alfre Woodard as a character called Minetta, with Rosario Dawson carrying over as Clare Temple (Night Nurse) from her Daredevil days.

Now we have a LOT more characters joining LUKE CAGE and we’re going to run through the latest announcements.

1. MISTY KNIGHT portrayed by Simone Missick

2. ALVAREZ/SHADES played by Theo Rossi

The first two announcements give us one main Luke Cage character and one not so much. Misty Knight is part of the Heroes For Hire era Luke Cage, an afro-weilding, robotic arm powerhouse of a woman who I hope is a friendly force for Cage. As for Alvarez, that is a little less known but is a villain in the comics. Wildcard, bitches!

3. Mahershala Ali as COTTONMOUTH

4. DETECTIVE SCARFE by Frank Whaley (pictured)

Cottonmouth will be a big villain in the series, however he is not the main antagonist. That will go to Diamondback, which leads me to believe some sort of Serpent Society may show up over the season. All these snake names. Detective Scarfe is the newest cast member and will play a “hard nosed detective” in the series.

5. Diamondback – not cast

6. Reva Connors – not cast

Diamondback will be the main villain for the series. Expect a big name cast for this. Reva Connors will play a love interest for Cage, so prepare for Jessica Jones to kick her ass!

While the show is still a year out, expect to hear more as production and casting finalize at the end of this year!

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