DEADPOOL. The long awaited, yet to be green-lit superhero movie has been at the back of everyone’s mind for years. Since the mistreatment of the character in X-MEN ORIGINS, everyone has been dying to see Fox make it right and release a true to form Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds. He was born to be the Merc with a Mouth anti-hero, not that Green Lantern mess we got.

Over the weekend, we got some leaked video of some DEADPOOL test footage that could have potentially led into a movie. This was NOT a part of SDCC 14. It is all in CGI, but Mr. Reynolds himself provided the voice and motion capture for the graphics. As you can tell, the humor and wit of the character remain intact, although we’re not sure we’ll ever see the comic book character reach the big screen. R rated movies are hard to sell, and this would need to be one.

Enjoy the Deadpool clips and maybe, just maybe…we’ll see this come to life.


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