LEGO Marvel Super Heroes hits shelves on October 22 and this past weekend I watched around 30 minutes of unrestricted gameplay at Eurogamer Expo (via YouTube). I’m impressed with the size, abilities, and variety the game is bringing to the table. From Mr. Fantastic becoming a teacup, Captain America’s star spangled aiming circle, or Stan Lee’s endless number of abilities. I’ve already put my money down on a pre-order of the game and cannot wait to pick it up and play.
Today, IGN got their hands on the vehicles we will see in the game and they range from awesome to rather silly. The Magneto Mobile? I wasn’t aware Magneto would resort to such travesties, but anyways, take a look at a few of the options available for you to cruise around Manhatten in while you’re playing as one of the 155 characters.

Deadpool Scooter

Magneto Mobile

Pumpkin Chopper


Spider Copter


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