The first two live-action teaser trailers of Marvel’s JESSICA JONES have appeared courtesy of Netflix. These accompany the official images and a non-action teaser that we’ve already seen ahead of the November 20 release date.

First up, the first bit of Jessica Jones footage shows that she doesn’t wake up until 3 PM, surrounded by empty liquor bottles, digital cameras, and ultimately, super strength. This is the first confirmation she’ll have super powers and quite the annoyance at alarm clocks. That alone does help build rapport with the character because honestly, no one likes alarm clocks.

Secondly, the Japanese Netflix twitter account has released another international teaser that give us a bar, blood, and bruises. While no one gives a damn about her reputation, I think we’ll know Jessica’s name after her series drops this Fall.

Check out the videos below and get ready for all the JESSICA JONES news we can handle!


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